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Supervisory Boards have a variety of responsibilities towards the Management Board, shareholders and other stakeholders of the organization. When these relationships become more complex, perhaps even contradictory, Supervisory Boards increasingly struggle to maintain their role. Formally autonomous, Supervisory Boards feel that they are too dependent on the management in obtaining information, analyses and external advice. Furthermore, the expectations of Stakeholders are invariably high and relatively strict with respect to two distinct tasks of the Supervisory Board, namely: the monitoring of corporate strategy and the warning for excessive risks.

European Rating House assists Supervisory Boards in becoming more autonomous monitors of corporate strategy and enterprise risk. Together with The Independence Company, an independent advisory and accounting support firm, we have developed the INDEPSAN.

Based on the same methodology used in our Credit Rating services, INDEPSCAN generates a credit risk assessment that is founded upon a 5-year analysis of financial statements. While assessing this credit risk the INDEPSCAN tool will also detect indications of fraud in the financial statements. Furthermore, INDEPSCAN also performs an independent business review assessing the economic wellbeing of the organization. Consequentially, the Supervisory Board can get an objective insight into the corporation’s situation regarding development and the ways in which it tries to achieve its objectives.

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