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A Credit Rating is a look into the future and thus subjective by nature. Long-term credit risk assessments for any corporation are most subject to various internal and external factors.

Our aim at European Rating House is to reduce this uncertainty by analyzing all influential risk factors and their interdependencies and revealing the way in which these may affect the business of an organization.

In traditional Credit Rating Agencies (CRA) multidisciplinary teams assess the credit risk profile of a company. Our approach is superior in the permanent monitoring of rated companies (1-3 years).

In the short term (1-3 years) region of the credit risk assessment, traditional CRAs include qualitative data when financial modelling - our approach – would be more reliable.

For the purpose of mid-term (3-8 years) and long term (> 8 years) credit risk assessment, our approach also includes qualitative data.

"Whether for short-term, mid-term or long-term purposes every credit rating is embedded with professional judgment by experts and put to the test by our Rating Committee".