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The European Union only allows public credit ratings to be provided by credit rating agencies registered or accredited by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). For the
time being European Rating House only provides scores and private credit ratings.

European Rating House and its directors and collaborators perform their credit rating activities in accordance with the IOSCO code of conduct for credit rating agencies.

Our Code of Conduct, based on the IOSCO code, can be found here. Items covered in this code:

1 Quality and integrity of the rating process

Quality of the Rating Process

Monitoring and Updating

Integrity of the Rating Process 

2 CRA independence and avoidance of conflicts of interest


CRA Procedures and Policies

CRA Analyst and Employee Independence

3 CRA responsibilities to the investing public and issuers

Transparency and Timeliness of Ratings Disclosure

The Treatment of Confidential Information

4 Disclosure of the code of conduct and communication with market participants